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Prescribing & Publishing

I prescribe a lot of contacts and have opportunities to learn about new advancements because of it. Last year a new multifocal lens from Acuvue was introduced that promised to deliver real improvement and flexibility. I was invited to join about 200 preeminent optometrists in Jacksonville, Florida at the Johnson & Johnson Vision Center to learn about and give feedback on their new multifocal daily disposable lens, Acuvue One Day Moist Multifocal.

I started prescribing it for my patients and was hooked once the patient feedback came in. Patients are overwhelmingly in love with these lenses. The combination of balanced vision at distance with computer and reading, all in amazing comfort is a true advancement on earlier multifocal designs.

I talk to my peers in online optometric forums (I bet you didn’t know we had those). I talked about the success I was having with Acuvue’s new multifocal recounting a story about one patient who was so happy she told me I was a god. That story caught someone’s attention over at Optometric Management, an industry publication. They asked me to write an article about how and why I was so successful with this new lens.

First, you can read my article here.

Second, all the Visionary doctors are prescribing Acuvue One Day Moist Multifocal. Call for an appointment if you are interested in seeing near and far in contact lenses.

Finally, keep those comments coming!