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We See More Than Frames. We See You.

Visionary Eye Care takes pride in providing the latest products available to help our patients achieve the best vision possible. Our opticians are trained to help you find the perfect frame and match it to the right lens based on prescription, style, and your individual needs. They also work with first-time contact lens wearers, taking the mystery out of putting them in, taking them out, and keeping them clean.

Whether your style is conservative or wild, whether you’re budget conscious or need the latest trends, Visionary has frames for you. Click on an image below to learn about our frame vendors and collections. We stand behind our frames, and we think you’ll see why.

Honesty Is Beautiful

Our opticians won’t just steer you toward the pricey pairs. We want you to be thrilled with your frames, and we want you to look your best. We promise to be honest, and if a frame doesn’t fit you or your style, we will tell you. Trust us: we can’t have you walking around looking anything less than fabulous.

On any given day we have over 450 frames in stock and can always special-order from the lines we carry. Check our the Gallery above for the latest lines from our vendors.


Whether you have a prescription or not, your eyes need sun protection from harmful UV rays. We can turn most frames into sunglasses – just ask! We’ve also turned a few sunglasses into prescription glasses because we believe in having options. Add polarized lenses and eliminate the glare of sun or snow. Let us help choose the right type of sun wear for you, or customize a clip-on for an existing frame.

Fix Your Frames

Sometimes bad things happen to good glasses. If your frames break, bring them in so we can determine whether they can be repaired. If it’s the result of a manufacturing flaw, we’ll fix them for you at no charge, or replace them within one year of purchase. We will assess the damage when we see the glasses, but we will do our best to repair your glasses on the spot.

Are your glasses simply missing their sparkle? Once our lab reopens, ask us about a professional cleaning!

Visionary Handcrafted Lenses

Handcrafting eyeglasses means we care about the accuracy of the prescription lens and how they fit in your frames. We work with a wide range of lens labs to procure the highest quality raw materials for our in-house finishing lab. By controlling the process from beginning to end, we can ensure top quality.

We research and stock the most up-to-date lens materials for everyone, from people who need reading glasses to those with astigmatism. We specialize in high index lenses, the lightest and thinnest lenses available for your new frames. All lenses include scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, making your eyes the focus instead of glare or scratches. Add-ons may include permanent or transition tinting, safety, and multi-prescription lenses.

If you wear multifocals, we offer progressive “no-line” lenses that function better than traditional bifocals, all while preserving the look of your new eyewear.

For the rare cases that need to go out to specialty labs, we monitor the makers and have the same lens guarantee for all eyeglasses purchased at Visionary.

Our Guarantee

Our opticians expertly adjust the frames to address common concerns of “fish-bowl” or difficulty adapting to complex prescriptions. If you are not completely satisfied with your vision, bring your glasses back within 30 days so we can modify your lenses.

Contact Lenses Offer Options

For those who want the flexibility of wearing contacts, Visionary offers the full range of options. Our doctors have the leading edge on advances in contact lens technology, enabling them to offer more options to more patients.

Specialty lenses are available for a variety of eye conditions including bifocals, astigmatism, and dry eyes. We regularly fit medically necessary contact lenses for patients with corneal conditions like keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration.

Your doctor will choose the lens that best meets your needs. We offer most of the major brands as well as lenses from small specialty labs. Instruction is provided on the proper lens care for first-time wearers.

Read more information about some of our contact lens manufacturers.

Acuvue | Alcon | Art Optical | Bausch & Lomb | CooperVision | Johnson & Johnson Vision | Synergeyes

Our Guarantee

Visionary guarantees you will love your contacts for an entire year. If you have purchased a year supply of contacts and find you are having problems with your lenses, schedule a contact lens recheck at no charge. If we change your lenses, you can return any unopened, unmarked boxes towards the purchase of your new lenses.

Conditions of guarantee and restrictions apply:

Limit: one (1) free contact lenses recheck appointment per year. Charges for additional medical appointments apply. If there is a medical reason for the refit, we may bill your insurance.

Eligible contact lenses must comply with the following:

  • A year supply of contact lenses must have been purchased from Visionary Eye Care Professionals locations or our online store.
  • Contact lens boxes must be unopened and unmarked, no exceptions.
  • A 20% restocking fee is applied to all returned contact lenses.

All third-party contact lens purchases are ineligible for Visionary’s Guarantee. If contact lenses were purchased elsewhere, it is the sole responsibility of the patient to return or exchange contact lenses compliant with the policies of the store or online retailer from which the contact lenses were purchased.


Did you know there are supplements specifically engineered to promote the health of your eye? Dry eye disease and macular degeneration are just two of the many conditions which can be improved or stabilized by supplementing with minerals and nutrients. Visionary is a licensed retailer of Eyepromise supplements, and they can be ordered online or purchased in our Andersonville store.

Next time you are in the office, be sure to ask our doctors how you can focus your diet and supplementation in order to keep your eyes healthy and seeing well for a lifetime.