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Dr Michael is voted in!

Dr. Michael Ciszek welcomed to VOSH/International Board of Directors

Visionary’s founding owner, Dr. Michael Ciszek, has been elected to the VOSH/International Board of Directors. He joins other highly respected professionals who share the mission to treat patients in under served communities. As a part of the leadership team, Ciszek lends his expertise to help over 100,000 visually impaired people annually to gain independence, ability, employment, and education through clear, comfortable vision.

Ciszek’s new position includes participation in both the Development and Fundraising Committee and the Student VOSH (SVOSH) Committee. The Development and Fundraising Committee is charged with identifying, researching, and developing a responsible plan to support the many programs of VOSH/International and its 78 Chapters worldwide while SVOSH maintains the relationship between the parent organization and student chapters at all schools of optometry in North America. Through SVOSH, Ciszek will mentor, assist, and provide guidance to the newer eye care humanitarians while facilitating student involvement.

“VOSH/International is delighted to welcome Dr. Ciszek to its Board of Directors and looks forward to working with him. Dr. Ciszek is known for his inquisitive nature, his attention to detail while also seeing the big picture and thinking outside the box, all of which will serve the Board well. Above all, he is a thoughtful and dedicated humanitarian, interested in furthering the mission of VOSH, which is to provide the gift of vision to those who cannot afford it or do not have access to it.”

Natalie Venezia, Executive Director, VOSH/Internatonal™

Ciszek’s three year term begins this November when he is formally appointed at the annual meeting in Anaheim, CA.

About VOSH/International

The primary mission of VOSH/International is to facilitate the provision and the sustainability of vision care worldwide for people who can neither afford nor obtain such care.

VOSH members travel the developing world and the U.S. providing free quality vision care services through short-term clinics to those who need it. They also work to develop sustainable programs and local optometric capacity in the developing world in order to help local communities continue to provide quality vision care.

VOSH/International’s goal is to eradicate untreated refractive error – helping people see again by correcting their vision with glasses. And once they can see, they can improve the quality of their lives and their own vision for a future for generations to come. For more information, visit

About Dr. Michael Ciszek

Having been an orthokeratology contact lens patient since age eight, Dr. Ciszek’s career in optics began with an office assistant position when he was fifteen years old. Ciszek graduated cum laude from Augustana College as a triple major in biology, pre-med, and Spanish. Combining his interests, he spent several months studying in Arequipa, Peru. Later, he went on to the Illinois College of Optometry where he again graduated cum laude. Ciszek’s experience with VOSH began five years ago on a trip to Barranquilla Colombia. Immediately moved by the experience and the direct impact on the community, he has now been on five trips including Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Mexico.