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Eye Scanning at Speed — Vroom!

Come experience our newest imaging technology at Visionary Eye Care — the Optos Daytona retinal scanner. Aptly named, the Optos Daytona takes just 2-3 seconds to complete a scan! It produces a 200 degree scan of the retina and innermost structures of the eye, with no drops and no discomfort.

The Optos Daytona is also able to visualize anatomical layers beneath the retina, which is not possible when viewing the retina with the naked eye. This added capability is helpful in diagnosing and monitoring a multitude of ocular disorders. Plus, it’s really cool to see a computerized image of your own eye pop up on the monitors immediately after it is done.

Although it sounds more like a jet than a car at the Daytona 500, we’ve decided to race ahead, incorporate the scanner into both locations and post the results here: our doctors and patients both love it.

It’s just another example of how we are improving our patient care experience. No speed trials necessary, just come in and get a scan today!