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What Does the Sun and Your Digital Technology Have in Common?

Have you ever wondered about the effects that digital technology has on our eyes? Besides having an impact on our accommodative (focusing) abilities and contributing to dry eye symptoms, we also know that the UV rays emitted from our screens are impacting the health of our eyes. It is important to consider these effects as we incorporate increasing amounts digital interfaces into our personal and occupational lives.

Blue-violet light is part of the UV light spectrum not visible to us, but it reaches our eyes every day as we come into contact with technology such as our smartphones, computers, e-readers and televisions. We are also exposed to it through our fluorescent and LED light sources. As it reaches our eyes, it can damage our retinas leading to macular degeneration, as well as affect the lens in our eyes, contributing to cataracts. We also know that this exposure affects our sleep patterns and contributes to eye fatigue.

Fortunately, we have new lens technology that provides the protection our eyes need from these harmful blue-light rays. It is especially important for anyone that spends more than four hours a day on their computer or other device. It is also important for anyone with a family history of macular degeneration.

Crizal Prevencia is one specialty lens that helps protect our eyes by selectively blocking the harmful spectrum of the blue-violet light. With an SPF of 25, it provides 25 times more protection than the naked eye, offering the best UV protection in a clear lens.

Blutech is another specialty lens that blocks even more blue-violet light.This technology combines melanin with an ocular lens pigment based on the natural crystalline lens found in our eyes. The result is a tinted material that reduces glare and improves contrast.

At Visionary Eye Care, we emphasize the importance for everyone to preserve the health of their eyes to the best of their abilities. Protecting our eyes from harmful blue-violet light rays is easily done by updating the lens technology in our eyewear. Ask our staff to find the best specialty lens for you!