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It’s the end of summer – soon the air will turn crisp while yellowing leaves crunch underfoot. The to-do lists grow as you wrap up your summer fun, and more precious vacation time is spent swapping out storage bins than frolicking at the beach. In the midst of back-to-school shopping, schedule changes, and lining up for PSLs, there is one task that needs to move to the top of your list: checking your vision.

As you prepare for back-to-school, your vision needs should be met so that you can see clearly in the classroom, on the field, and everywhere in between. Having your annual eye exam before school is a great way to be visually prepared (even if you are not mentally prepared) for the new academic year, no matter what grade level.

During your eye examination, your visual function and health are assessed to ensure that you see clearly and comfortably with prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, sports goggles, sunglasses, and any other visual aid devices you may need. Having an eye exam can uncover any binocular vision struggles you may have, meaning how your two eyes work together as a team. Binocular vision deals with how your eyes are aligned and how they focus, search, track, and more. Prescription glasses, vision therapy, or other optical devices are key to improving your eyes’ function. Having an eye exam will also address any health concerns you may have. Dry, itchy and irritated eyes can contribute to reduced visual comfort and are treatable with prescription and nonprescription therapy.

We recommend that everyone have an eye exam annually to ensure and maintain healthy eyes, and the Back-to-School season is a great time to schedule it. You’ll see the fall colors in a whole new way.