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When I’m Not Your Doctor, I’m a Dog Dad and Sailor!

Welcome to another installment of our “When I’m Not…I Am” series, highlighting the multiple layers and lives we lead outside of our jobs.

We are, none of us, one thing. We are, all of us, visionaries in our own way. Today, we’re talking to Dr. Ryan Nguyen, one of our incredible optometrists. Ryan may be the newest doc on staff, but he’s already a huge hit with patients. We wanted to chat with him about his newest family member and hobby.

Tell me about the “I am” part of your “When I’m Not…I Am.” What do you title yourself?

Father to a 1 year old mixed breed rescue dog named Leo and currently learning how to sail the waters of Lake Michigan. 

This is adorable and cool. When did this start? How?

These both started in the past couple of months during quarantine! My partner and I have always wanted a dog and, like everyone else, thought it was the perfect time to finally rescue one while we were staying at home more. We still wanted to enjoy summer in Chicago and take advantage of living in close proximity to the lake, so picking up sailing seemed like the perfect activity we could do with our dog and also be socially distant. 

Do you have favorite memories and highlights?

Getting to explore our neighborhood more and hanging out with all the other dogs in the park. Being on the water while sailing also offers the best view of Chicago!

This is true. It’s beautiful. What are the biggest challenges?

Teaching Leo how to properly walk on a leash and making sure I don’t capsize the sailboat while trying to keep the sails trimmed. 

Tell us about this photo, other than it being an official entry into Cute Dogs On Boats magazine.

This photo was taken during our second sailing trip in August. Leo is busy looking for all the birds that he can’t chase on a boat. 

What is your favorite thing about this?

Hanging out and being active with the family while learning new skills and making memories.