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Dr. Jamie is Moving!

Dr. Jamie is hitting the road, and all of her fellow ODs, the Visionary staff, and her patients are bidding her a teary farewell (no dry eyes here). Her last day at Visionary Eye Care is September 17. We’ve all loved her since the very beginning, and it’s no wonder.
Jamie Johnson has been an integral part of our Visionary family since 2009, when she was one of our very first interns as a fourth-year optometry student. Even then, she was a standout both professionally and personally, so of course we had to have her on staff! She joined us right after graduation, and she has been a top notch doctor and friend ever since. We can’t overstate how much we will miss her in so many capacities. She’s going to be a breath of fresh air wherever she ends up. We profoundly thank Dr. Johnson for all her years of excellent care for our patients. We wish her all the best in Kansas and beyond!
From Dr. Jamie Johnson, to her patients and Visionaries:
After 11 years with my Visionary Eye Care family, my husband, son and I are moving into our next phase of life in Kansas City. We are returning to our Kansas roots to be nearer to our parents and extended family. As hard as it is to move from what has been our home for the past 15 years, we know that we are taking great memories with us.
This has been quite a decade of developing relationships with all of you! You are in amazing hands with Dr. Ryan Nguyen, to whom I will be passing the baton. He has been with our Visionary Eye Care family for a year already, and he will be available for appointments at both locations.
Best Regards,
Dr. Jamie Johnson