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Did you know that Visionary is stocked with fashionable eyewear, the best doctors and opticians…and athletes? Ok. we have a bowling team, but we’re pretty athletic about it. As part of the Chicago Pride League, Visionary’s team meets on Fridays to conquer the lanes at Waveland Bowl. Currently in 7th place, Visionary Ballz Care is made up of Drs. Michael and Joe, co-owner Jamar, optician Brian, and former lab tech Nate.

“Sure,” you say, “that sounds fun. But are they any good?”

Check out Dr. Ciszek’s sweet, sweet mastery of this strike.

Or Jamar’s skill, making the pins beg for mercy. Another strike!

Perhaps you’re more of a spare person? Rooting for the underdog? Not a problem. Brian and Joe show us how it’s done.

We will be cheering for our team (and all of our subs: Mandy our medical biller, and friends of Visionary Michael and Bob) for the rest of the season. Check back with us in a few weeks to see how we did!