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VEC Pets – Porsche and Misty

Adopted is our favorite breed.

Your Visionary team loves their dogs – and we love when yours come to visit us, too! Be sure to bring your dog to our Andersonville location to say hello. We have treats on hand, and we will all coo at them like the animal lovers we are.

VEC Pets will introduce dogs (and cats) that make up our behind-the-scenes support team. First up…

Dr. Ciszek shares his free time with sweet Porsche and fluffy Misty, both from PAWS Chicago. The transformation of both dogs was amazing and they have flourished in their loving home.

Porsche and Misty love bully sticks, and you can catch Dr. C picking some up for them at our neighbor business, Jameson Loves Danger. They love to escape to the Michigan house whenever they have a chance. We hear Dr. C does, too.