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VEC Pets – Mimi and Lepore

Name: Mimi and Lepore
Visionary Human: Brian
Style icon: Iris Apfel
Origin Story: In the summer of 2008, Brian’s friend had a roommate who got a kitten, but wasn’t taking care of it. Naturally, the friend brought this black and white kitten to Brian. Brian, unsure at first, said he would meet her and go from there, but his heart was already breaking for the kitty with the need for a parent. That was when Mimi drifted into Brian’s life forever. She’s named after stage performer Mimi Marks. She is the queen of Brian’s house and lets everyone know it, but she’s also one of the most affectionate cats he’s ever known. Although her exact birthday is unknown, she turned 9 years old this past summer. She’s full figured, furry, and the absolute ruler of her household. Lepore turned 10 years old this past summer, and is one of the quietest cats Brian’s ever met. When Brian first got him, he was owned by a boring family in the West Loop who didn’t appreciate him for how much fun he was. For the first few years, Lepore slept in the crook of Brian’s arm every night, and over the years he has shown himself to be one of the most stoic and graceful cats ever. He’s often called “Little Statue” because he can sit in any position and look as if he’s been practicing that pose for a long time. Although Mimi is the queen of her castle, Lepore is the overseer. He’s named after Amanda Lepore, NYC nightlife icon and diva. Lepore is a generous and loving addition to Brian’s family, and Brian and Tim couldn’t imagine life without him.