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Name: Georgi
Visionary Human: Nathan
Favorite Marvel character: Iron Man
Origin story: Georgi was adopted 6 years ago from Specialty Purebred Rescue in Wisconsin. She is 7 years old. She was isolated in her own room because she did not get along with other cats, but that did not deter Nathan who saw a good cat needing a good home. Siamese are very anxious in new environments, and usually take up to a week to get acclimated to new places. On the day of Georgi’s adoption, Nathan was moving into a new apartment so there was a lot of noises and strange people who entered the home. That night, as is traditional for moving day, pizza was ordered and Nathan was eating on the floor. Georgi, who had hid all day, decided to come out and climbed all over Nathan and even tried to steal a piece of pizza. To this day, every time she eats it’s as if she’s never eaten before.