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VEC Pets – Owen and Kitten Ella

Names: Owen and Kitten/Ella
Visionary Human: Corrbette
Favorite singer: The Byrds
Origin Story: Owen is a Russian Blue who acts like he’s a dog. He plays fetch, he’s HUGE, and he’s very forceful in his demand that you LOVE HIM RIGHT NOW. If you do not feed him when he’s ready, he will wreck the house until you give in. Kitten/Ella was a farm kitten. Corrbette was at a retreat for a theater company and the owners of the house where she was staying had a farm. A litter of cats had recently been born, and Corrbette and a friend each took home a kitten. She carried her into the pet store, where Kitten/Ella promptly farted and sprayed her new human with poop. Kitten/Ella now brings all of her toys to the floor, meowing loudly, as soon as everyone goes to sleep. Then sleeps on Corrbette’s head. Corrbette loves them both more than anything. They’re 13 and 15, respectively.