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True Visionary: Matt Cochrane

We need to talk about Matty.

No, no. Nothing’s wrong. No one’s in trouble. We need to talk about the stellar employee, optician, leader, and friend Matt Cochrane is. At Visionary, we are taking a moment to recognize our strengths, and we have no greater strength than our incredible staff. Of course, our patients and customers are the heart of our practice, but it’s our employees who make it work.

Matt has been relentless in his efforts to keep Visionary going while we were closed for COVID-19 protocol, and he is a leader in getting all of us back up to functioning capacity. He came to a closed office every day to make sure things were in order and clean. He kept our fish alive and happy (just like he did when we were open in what we call, “The Before Times.”), making sure the tank was clean and they had all the food and light they needed. If it weren’t for Matty, we would have come back to neglected chaos. We came back to things just as we left them – gleaming and ready for business.

Since we have opened for limited appointments again, Matt has been Barbacide certified to keep our frames clean and safe for patients and customers. He is a team leader, helping to get everyone organized and united in treating our patients with care and safe practices.

All of our doctors, opticians, and staff go above and beyond at Visionary. This time, we want to say, “Thank You” to our lead optician as he continually goes the extra mile for all of us. Thanks, Matt. You’re doing a great job.