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This is no ordinary Thursday, Visionaries. This is not simply July 18, The Normal Day, no. This is a day worth celebrating. This is the 10-year anniversary of the day Dr. Jamie Johnson began her journey with Visionary Eye Care!

What we lack in pixels in this old photo, we make up for in extra people in this old photo.

We are so incredibly lucky to have such a smart, kind, funny, caring, and whip-smart doc on our team. We had a whole bunch of really nice things to say about her, but we thought we’d leave it to the professionals: all of you. Here are just a handful of her rave reviews:

“…extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and made the overall experience very pleasant.”

“Soft-spoken, very thorough and funny in a quiet way, she did a terrific job.”

“This place is great! Dr. Johnson was very friendly and knowledgeable.”

“She was very friendly and answered all of the questions I had about contacts and LASIK surgery. I actually returned to do my follow-up dilation on the wrong day, but she did it anyway!”

“…helped me find solution and a toric/non-toric set that didn’t irritate my eyes, unlike my two previous attempts at contacts.”

“…on time, warm, knowledgeable, and very gentle with the examination.  She diagnosed me, answered my questions and gave me a free sample to save time going to the pharmacy and all under 20 minutes.”

“…friendly yet professional during my visit. She conducted a thorough examination and even conducted some focusing tests I’ve never had before. She made thoughtful recommendations for treatment of my focusing issues, but I didn’t feel pressured by her suggestions. I highly recommend her services.”

They’re all saying what we’re thinking: Dr. Jamie Johnson is the best in the biz. Have your own nice words for Dr. Johnson? Feel free to send them our (or Yelp’s) way.

Here’s to 10 more years!*

*10 times over.