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Genderless Frames, Peerless Vision

We have a confession: Visionary has a lack of boundaries. Not personal, not professional. Those are all intact. What we’re lacking are…gender boundaries. Not just in our own ethos (gender is non-binary, y’all), but in our stores.

Our eyewear displays are divided by brand, not by gender, in order to allow our customers to browse freely, making every frame option a unisex option. By putting our glasses and sunglasses on display without “sides,” we’ve removed any stigma attached to a frame. They’re fashion pieces that help you see – what do they need with gender, anyway? What’s important to us is whether or not the frame and the aesthetic speak to you and help you look the way you want.

It’s a simple adjustment for any store to make, and we have operated this way for over a decade. What we want is for our patients and customers to feel comfortable in what they wear and how they wear it, and we’re always here to help you choose if you need. Come visit us in either Andersonville or the Loop – we won’t make you choose.