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Eye Care Mission: Three weeks to go!

We leave on February 8 for the next VOSH Illinois mission to Samaipata, Bolivia.

We collected 1,000 pairs of donated glasses! Thank you to everyone who donated their glasses or sponsored collection drives. I have to admit, I am quite proud of all of the Visionary staff who pitched in. Usually the glasses get donated and just sent down to the warehouse where they can sit for years until someone takes the time to clean them, read the prescription and label them. The Visionary opticians, interns and doctors all pitched in to get the glasses you donated ready to go for this mission.

Thanks to Allergan, Alcon and Bausch and Lomb, we have about $200K worth of medications to take on this trip. We can treat infections, glaucoma, allergies, abrasions, ocular surface disease, dilate all of the patients, etc. as well as pre-op and post-op for the cataract surgeries. That’s a lot of drops!