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Staying Safe and Staying Strong

Visionaries, we’re tired. Not the usual we-didn’t-sleep-enough-because-that-one-episode-of-Golden-Girls-where-Blanche’s-dead-husband-comes-back-was-on tired. But a kind of tired we’re all experiencing: pandemic tired.

It’s been a very long time since we began wrestling with this virus, its spread, and everyone’s opinions on the best course of action. But when people are tired, even the most routine things become difficult. And when those routine things are only in place because we’re in the face of a global pandemic, it makes it even more difficult. We’re in this together and we know how hard it is, but our responsibility is to your health and wellness. So we’re still fighting, remaining vigilant, and grabbing another cup of coffee. We imagine you’re tired, too, and we’re here to tell you that you aren’t alone. But with us, you are safe.

At Visionary, we’re remaining vigilant and working in accordance with CDC guidelines for safety. We are not only masked, but we require masking from our patients. Forgot yours? We have extra. With clean hands and scrubs, we are still giving you the best and most personalized care available. With our dry eye clinic, we are on the cutting edge of technology. With our concierge service, we are giving you frames unique to you and your needs. Whatever your needs, we have you covered…and that includes your need to be safe. Your health is our responsibility, and our mission is your best vision.