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More super powers!

Well, that’s what we think when we hear Santinelli Lex 1000. However there is nothing supernatural about this lab equipment.

In additional to cutting regular lenses, this fancy lens edger gives us the ability to do drill-mounted frames, like Lindberg and Silhouette, in-house, which cuts down on turnaround time. We can also do more prescription wrap sunglasses.

When we had to send lenses out, it could take a week to get them back. Now you can make an appointment and our expert lens cutter can craft them while you wait (Andersonville, only).

With the Santinelli Lex 1000 we now handcraft most eyeglass lenses in-house. By improving our laboratory, we have complete control over the process and the quality of lenses we deliver to you. Which is a kind of super for our patients!