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Better for the environment, better for your eyes!

Reducing waste is a conscious concern for many people. Electronic medical records, reducing paper waste through email communication, and recycling the paper products we do use are some of the ways we at Visionary Eye Care have strived to meet the “green” goals for our office. Offering our patients “green” options allows us to continue to be environmentally conscious. Daily disposable contacts come in recyclable packaging, while eliminating cleaning solutions and all the packaging, shipping, and manufacturing those require. For more information about the advantages for your eye health and comfort, read on!

Daily disposable contact lenses are a great option for patients who prefer the convenience of wearing a fresh lens each day without the necessity of lens cases and cleaning solutions. For some, daily disposable contacts provide the relief they need from dry eye and allergy symptoms. Others appreciate the convenience of part time wear for recreation including sports, swimming, and working out. For those who travel, it is convenient to take daily disposable lenses without  worrying about carrying cases and bottles of cleaning solution. It is also reassuring to have multiple pairs of lenses in the event that something happens to a lens while away from home.

The price of these lenses is comparable to other replacement schedules. There is no need to spend money on cleaning solutions that can cost upwards of $100 or more per year. An inexpensive saline solution is good to have on hand in the case that a lens may need rinsed off. Replacing contact lenses each day also significantly reduces the risk of contact-lens related infections and other complications. This can also save a contact lens wearer money in the end.

While other contact lens modalities available at this time provide wearers with breathable, comfortable lenses, their use does not come without risks to eye health. Since a contact lens rests on the surface of the eye, there is risk of harboring bacteria, viruses, or fungus, leading to unfortunate infections. The contact lens solutions and cases themselves can also contribute to infections if not replaced frequently or cleaned appropriately. Wearing a new, clean lens each day significantly reduces the risk of serious infection due to contact lens wear.

Contact lenses are part of daily life for millions of people. The advantages are numerous, but complications can also arise. Advances in technology provide increasingly better options to address these issues. Daily disposables are now available in more parameters than ever before. There are a variety of materials allowing for healthy levels of oxygen permeability to the cornea. These lenses also correct for more complicated prescriptions including astigmatism and presbyopia. This helps to reduce the dependence on reading glasses while providing a comfortable, fresh lens each day. Our doctors would be happy to discuss with you the advantages of daily disposable lenses and which lenses are right for you!