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Did you know Visionary sells supplements?

Navigating the pharmacy can be daunting these days. Glossing over the aisles, reading over labels with strange words like lutein and zeaxanthin feels like trying to interpret a foreign language. Many of us ask ourselves, “Should I be taking these vitamins that say they are healthy for my eyes?”

A well-balanced diet and regular exercise help maintain good overall health, but is there more we can do to keep our eyes healthy? There are actually supplements specifically engineered to promote the health of our eyes from front to back. Dry eye disease and macular degeneration are just two of the many conditions can be improved or stabilized by supplementing with minerals and nutrients. These nutrients also promote the health of other parts of our bodies, including our hearts and brains.

Symptoms of dry eye disease can have a significant impact on eye discomfort and clarity of vision. Omega’s and anti-inflammatory nutrients can promote increased tear production and help relieve these symptoms. Macular degeneration is a disease that affects the central vision. Those with risk factors of the disease may benefit from supplementing with nutrients that help protect the macula – the area of the eye most affected.

Next time you are in the office, be sure to ask our doctors how you can focus your diet and supplementation in order to keep your eyes healthy and seeing well for a lifetime.