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October 11 marks the 2018 return of World Sight Day. World Sight Day is sponsored by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) and strives to raise funds and awareness to prevent sight issues and blindness worldwide. From the IAPB’s website:

“World Sight Day is the most important advocacy and communications event on the eye health calendar. It is a great time to engage with the world around us – a patient’s family, those who seldom get an eye exam, diabetics. We have the data and evidence. We also have projections into the future–and we know things can go bad, if we don’t act now.

This year, let us draw attention to eye care issues so that everyone, everywhere has access to good eye health. What’s the first thing you can do? Plan for an eye examination. Look around in your family, especially for those who are vulnerable: young, school-going children, the elderly, those with diabetes.”

This year, World Sight Day’s call to action is Eye Care Everywhere. At Visionary, we’re amplifying that call to full volume.

Visionary’s own Dr. Michael Ciszek has worked for years trying to help the world see better. He volunteer chairs the student chapters of VOSH International, a nonprofit dedicated to providing eye care to people around the world who could normally not afford it nor have access to it. For World Sight Day, Visionary will be accepting donations for the Illinois College of Optometry and the Chicago College of Optometry’s VOSH Chapters throughout the month of October.

A $10 donation gets you a cloth and spray to clean your glasses, while a $25 donation gets you a VOSH t-shirt.

Let’s help get Eye Care Everywhere. Come in and donate today!