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Visionaries! What a time to be alive!

First and foremost, eye safety should always be the number one priority when viewing a solar eclipse. Please do not view the eclipse without approved eclipse glasses, or a viewing pinhole, as this can cause temporary or permanent damage to your eyes.

A total solar eclipse has not happened in 200 years and will not be seen again until 2044! While some states are experiencing complete totality, Chicago will see about a 94% coverage. It will make its journey around 1:07PM Central Time.

Some tips:

  • Put eclipse glasses over your regular glasses, but do not remove them!
  • Once the moon completely blocks the sun (called TOTALITY) it is safe to remove them – since Chicago isn’t experiencing that, please leave them on!
  • If you feel you’ve suffered damage from the eclipse make an appointment with us immediately
  • Download a pinhole projector for seeing the path the moon takes across the sun

For more resources, visit The American Optometrist Association.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy this momentous occasion in US history!