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Not Just a Receptionist

In the fall of 2011, Erin and I studied all the details of what we do on a day-in, day-out basis and sat for the ABO Certification test.

The American Board of Opticianry exist to certify professional opticians nationwide. Some states require this, but Illinois does not.

So, why does that matter to you, our patients?

Choosing an ABO certified optician demonstrates that your ophthalmic professional is competent and qualified. It also proves that we take the job seriously and are committed to continuing education and updating our skills. With an on-the-job-training type of profession, it is really important to have a optician who took the extra time and effort to get this official stamp of approval. Passing the ABO means knowing the ins and outs of spectacle lens physics, frame design and construction history, and gives us great insight into troubleshooting your concerns.

Our job, as opticians is to help you select the correct frame style to flatter your face shape and personal style and choose lens options to optimize your visual acuity (see the clearest!). We’re brutally honest and it’s for your own good, we promise!

Our next job is to be the right hand man or woman to our Optometrists. They are constantly imparting knowledge to us so that we can help you, our patients, get answers and advice faster. We have lots of answers about why you might not be seeing clearly or what kind of contact lens solution might work for you. We do our best to help keep our doctors seeing patients on schedule and making the most of your time and theirs.

And finally, our job is to keep the ship afloat! We are confirming your appointments, answering your phone calls, ordering your contacts, adjusting your new specs, placing your glasses orders, verifying your insurance coverage and then submitting the claims, keeping our inventory looking sharp, and verifying your glasses and contact lens orders as they come in, just to name a few things!

So, what does this mean? We are more than just secretaries with great glasses, opticians are skilled professionals with a wealth of information for you!

Beth Young, ABO Certified Optician