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Okay, it’s not cats – it’s kids. I’m pleased to say one of my kid quotes was recently published on InvisionMag, an online magazine for eyecare professionals. There was an all-call for funny stories about the youngest patients we see. Visionary Eye Care works with all ages and we’ve seen some kids from their first eye exam through their high school graduation. So I couldn’t resist submitting a short blurb for the “What They Say About the Eye Doctor.”

I asked a 5-year-old to look at my ear. He asked, “The pointy one?” Mother was super embarrassed. I laughed hysterically. When I asked him to look at the other ear I asked, “Is it pointy too?” His response. “Oh yeah!”
Michael Ciszek, OD Chicago

Kids: cute and brutally honest. For more read the whole article here.

A quick PSA: Illinois requires eye exams for all kindergartners to start school. Visionary Eye Care doctors are always happy to see kids for their first exam and annuals. We help them get the “cool” look if eyewear is needed, and can refer parents to our extensive medical network as required.

Get the low-down on Visionary’s Parents & Kids page.