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For the Love of Glasses

I’ve worn glasses all my life. Okay, most of my life. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 6, and I’ve worn them ever since. Glasses have come a long way since my first pair, and now they have become equal parts necessity and accessory.

As an optician, I work with patients all the time who approach the purchase of new glasses with a mixture of dread and resignation.I have always said that it’s because they’ve never had a pair of glasses that they absolutely love! It changes everything.

That’s why the opticians at Visionary work hard to help you find the Glasses Trifecta: Fit, Form and Functionality.

Fit: Our opticians look carefully at how the frame fits your face. A well-fitting pair of glasses will be both comfortable and flattering.

Form: Just because glasses are a corrective device does not mean they can’t be fashionable. Whether you’re looking for glasses that are professional, funky, oversized or subtle, we keep in mind that they are part of your look, and we help you find the pair that fits both your style and personality.

Functionality: We aren’t just considering the frame options. We are also looking at your prescription to make sure that we choose the correct lenses and finishes. We make sure that the lenses look great in the frames and provide crisp, clear vision that suits your needs (whether it’s all day/all around wear, occupational glasses, computer glasses or reading glasses).

There’s nothing better than one of our patients coming back the next year and telling us how much they love their glasses, and they are looking forward to getting another pair. So come on by – let’s shop!

Side note: In the event you have an injury or eye infection and can’t wear contacts, it’s important to always have a pair of glasses in your current prescription (that you aren’t embarrassed to wear in public).