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Dr. Michael Ciszek: The Hero We Need

Just when we were about to announce incredible news, MORE comes in. We love the good problems, folks.

First, our very own Dr. Michael Ciszek has been appointed as President of Vosh/International! Yep, that one gets the exclamation point. As most of you know, Vosh/International is an exceptional organization, providing “the freedom to see” by “facilitating the provision and sustainability of vision care worldwide for people who cannot afford nor obtain such care.” See what they do at

Serving as Vice President since 2019, Michael steps into this role with a renewed focus and energy for where VOSH can go next.

Take a look at this interview Dr. Michael did for the organization when he was Vice President, and you can see his propensity for leadership and care. It makes sense.


We received word that Michael has been chosen by the Illinois College of Optometry (ICO) Alumni Association to receive their Humanitarian Award for 2021! That’s another exclamation point earned, for sure.

Apparently, the world is starting to recognize what we already know: he is at the top of his field and is immeasurably caring. The man walks the walk for his patients, fellow doctors, staff, and even strangers.

We couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations, Dr. Michael!