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A Shorter Commute, A Different Job

Eyeballs to mom-ing, and back to eyeballs! Quarantine has been quite a shift in lifestyle. Where I was once commuting via Metra in rush hour from the ‘burbs to the Visionary Loop office and back, suddenly I found myself the 24/7 personal assistant and chef to the 5-year-old in my life. I learned early on that staying mentally healthy would include chocolate chip cookies (for me…and some for the 5-year-old) and walks/bike rides when the weather was decent. So, when I’m not your optometrist, I’m having deep conversations with my son about designing train tracks and lego vehicles. There’s a lot to think about if you haven’t sat down to ponder those things before. Believe me…I’ve learned a lot.
Returning to the office after being at home 24/7 has reminded me how much I love taking care of people and their eyeballs. And now? Back to the life of balancing mom-ing and doctor-ing.