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Welcome Back! (By Appointment)

So the world is opening up again. We’re cautiously, excitedly venturing out of our homes to see other people’s faces (sometimes their WHOLE vaccinated face!). So why is our door still locked, opened by appointment only?
We’ve learned a few lessons over quarantine. How to make bad sourdough bread, how to garden, how to binge like a champ…and also how to make our office more efficient. We’ve discovered that our appointment-only model does more than keep social distancing in place with a less crowded store. It allows us to see you…and really see you. With appointment scheduling, we have the luxury of time, and you get our full attention. Whether our opticians are styling your frames or your doctor is answering your questions, we aren’t distracted by a barrage of shoppers coming through the door unannounced. Your time is valuable, and we’re going to use it to focus entirely on you.
Have an eye emergency and need to see us right away? Give us a call. We are still able to see most emergency cases in 24 hours.
With an appointment, you enter Visionary and are greeted by a member of our staff who will direct you to your next stop. From there, you are our only concern from exam room to styling floor. We see you as a patient, a neighbor, and as a friend who has trusted us with their care. We see you.